Annual Awards

School Nurse Advocate of the Year

2018-19 Dr. Nicole Klein, OSPI
2020-21 Dr. Mark Larson
2021-22 Allison Pollock, MD

New School Nurse of the Year Award

2022-23 Amanda Lundberg

Past Award Winners

School Nurse of the Year

2016-17 Suzie Wells
2017-18 Anne McGavran
2018-19 Sonja Reid,
2019-20 Tessa McIlraith
2020-21 Lisbeth Kaplan
2021-22 Liz Pray

School Nurse Administrator of the Year

2016-17 Katie Johnson
2018-19 Rebecca Cavanaugh
2021-22 Julie Schultz and Les Stahlnecker

Non-Nurse Administrator of the Year

2018-19 Gary Wargo
2020-2021 Joshua Meek
2021-2022 Mick Miller and Stacey Locke

Saved a Life Award

SNOW grants an award to school nurses who have saved a life. Nominations for this award can be made at any time. Award winners are recognized at the Fall and Spring Conferences each year.

2016-17 Jacquelyn Bowen, Seattle School District
Joan Lankford, North Thurston School District
2022-23 Lissa Strecker (Enumclaw), Amanda Lundberg (Moses Lake), Shannon Morris (Yakima), and Penny Mayo (Moses Lake)

Nominate a Nurse

The deadline for submitting nominations is April 1st. (Nominations for Saved A Life Award can be submitted at anytime.)

To submit nominations for any of these awards, download the corresponding form above and send the completed form to:

Jackie Follansbee

2810 Castlevale Rd.
Yakima, WA 98902
(509) 949-6026